Campus Strategic Planning Process

Strategic planning is a process -- one that Chancellor Steinmetz believes should happen from the ground up, and be as inclusive as possible.

As part of this comprehensive approach to campus planning, Chancellor Steinmetz has met with every academic department,  many interdisciplinary programs and centers on campus, students, faculty, and staff. The purpose was to help him to gain a deeper knowledge of the issues faced by the academic units, while providing an opportunity for departments to share their strengths, priorities, and future direction. 

The process unfolded in several phases, the broad strokes of which are detailed below, and now enters the public review phase of a set of priorities, articulated below:


  1. (Spring Semester) Campus academic departments, centers and programs summarized their strengths, weaknesses, and challenges with an eye toward their future direction. They defined long-term goals, needs, priorities, directions and reported back to the chancellor’s and provost’s offices and the deans by the end of the semester via summary document.  
    • 75+ individual meetings held with the chancellor completed by May 31.
  2. (Summer) Deans and their staffs reviewed departmental summary documents and identified themes across the individual colleges.  
  3. (Summer) Three groups of faculty, staff, and students reviewed the departmental summaries with an eye toward identifying university-wide themes that have emerged from the unit discussions. These groups were organized by the traditional mission areas of research and service; teaching and learning; and outreach and engagement.
  4. (Late Summer) The work of the committees was collated at the administration level to begin to define the university’s direction for the future.
  5. (Early to Mid-Fall) The institutional priorities, as drafted, are being shared with the campus for feedback. Following a feedback period, each priority will be assigned to a campus unit to  flesh out some potential action plans and initiatives.
  6. (October 20) Chancellor Steinmetz' investiture speech will outline the campus priorities.
  7.  (Mid- to Late-Fall) The colleges will determine and report how the priorities align with college-level strategic plans. The service units will develop plans that support the institutional priorities that have been defined.
  8. (By January, 2017) The summation of the plans described in No. 7 will be published on this website and shared with the campus community.

Guiding Priorities for the University of Arkansas

Priorities to be published in this space Monday, Oct. 3. 

 Questions? Feedback? Please email Laura Jacobs, chief of staff

Thank you for your interest and taking part in this critical process.