I wouldn’t be chancellor of a major university if I didn’t believe in the power of education to solve problems, increase empathy, improve lives and bring people together in shared purpose and humanity.

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A comprehensive public land-grant institution with a mission of teaching and learning, research and discovery, and outreach and engagement including a focus also rooted in the strengths of the institution and attuned to areas for continued growth and improvement.
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2020: Focus on the Future

Chancellor Steinmetz outlines a tenth action to help distinguish the university in the coming years
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View from the Flagship

Statement on Legislation Impacting LGBTQ Community

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Our Shared Humanity

Joe reflects on the campus’ anti-discrimination stance and commitment to belonging

University Expresses Support for Asian and Pacific Islander Communities

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What I'm Reading

Free Speech on Campus
Erwin Chemerinsky and Howard Gillman

This is a very interesting, timely and eye-opening discussion by some colleagues of mine. It examines the challenges of balancing free speech with the concerns that it may be insensitive, discriminatory or bullying. In so doing, it argues for the value of free speech while providing some useful insights into how campuses might tackle controversies related to its practice. Altogether, a thoughtful and nuanced discussion about a topic relevant to anyone working on a college campus.

The university recently released Leading Change - a publication highlighting campus priorities and good news from across campus.