150 Forward

150 Forward Strategic Plan

On the heels of its sesquicentennial, with a renewed emphasis on its Land-Grant Mission, the University of Arkansas is leaning into its next century through campuswide strategic planning.

The University of Arkansas’ 150 Forward Strategic Plan provides an overview of three overarching pillars, the goals and objectives set to advance the university’s land-grant mission, and key metrics to monitor progress.

The strategic plan is not a list of day-to-day operations for the entire institution. The purpose of the 150 Forward Strategic Plan is to initiate some select initiatives while pointing the colleges, schools and units in the same direction, attaining institutional alignment with the stated goals as One University.

Pillar I

Student Success

The University of Arkansas will offer unparalleled access to a holistic education that is designed to help our students grow, contribute, and thrive throughout their lives and in their communities from matriculation to graduation.

Pillar II

Research Excellence

The University relentlessly pursues its land grant mission by promoting scientific inquiry, knowledge creation, and creative works that integrate and coordinate education, research, and service activities.

Pillar III

Employer of Choice

The University of Arkansas is committed to fostering a work environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging, works toward a meaningful purpose, and has the data, resources, connections and foundation of support to be most effective, grow and advance their careers, and thrive in their personal and professional lives.

150 Foward Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning Resources

A Campuswide Collaboration

The 150 Forward Strategic Planning Group led a campuswide effort to develop goals, objectives, strategies and metrics for the plan. The effort included town hall discussions, unit and organization level listening sessions and discussions, workshops and goal-setting sessions with college, school and support unit representatives.

150 Forward Overview, Schedule and Definitions

From pillars to tactics, this planning guide provides an overview of the of the university’s strategic planning process including foundational definitions and scope. The completed plan serves as a guide for colleges, schools and units as they work to align strategies to advance shared goals.

150 Forward Update and EAB Resources Overview

A recording of the 150 Forward Update and EAB Resources Overview learning session is available to members of University of Arkansas campus community. The session was conducted with EAB, a firm specializing in higher education that is partnering with the university on various aspects of the planning process. University community members also have access to the slides used as a part of the session.

Access EAB Resources

The university community has access to EAB benchmarking, white papers and other helpful resources. Go to EAB.com, click login, select create account and register to access available resources.

Phase 1

November 2022 – January 2023

Planning Group Designs Process and Codifies Strategic Priority Areas

Phase 2

February 2023 – August 2023

Campus Community Sets Goals and Quantifiable Objectives

Phase 3

Fall 2023

Colleges, Schools and Campus Units develop unit-specific Strategies and Tactics; overarching plan completed in December 2023

Phase 4


Refinement, evaluation and reporting of progress

150 Forward Town Halls

Achieving Research Excellence

Streamed live on Feb 15, 2023

The Achieving Research Excellence Town Hall was primarily designed for campus researchers and staff who support the university’s growing research enterprise.

Advancing Student Success

Streamed live on Feb 22, 2023

The Advancing Student Success Town Hall was designed for faculty, staff and students with a desire to improve support for students and successful outcomes in the areas of orientation, retention, graduation, career development and more.

Enhancing the University’s Status as an Employer of Choice

Streamed live on Mar 17, 2023

The Employer of Choice Town Hall was designed for faculty, staff, graduate assistants and other student employees with an interest in enhancing the overall employee experience at the U of A, including the ongoing class and compensation initiative, flexible work guidance, total benefits package and professional development.