Pillar I – Student Success

The University of Arkansas will offer unparalleled access to a holistic education that is designed to help our students grow, contribute, and thrive throughout their lives and in their communities from matriculation to graduation. To achieve this, the University will focus on these four goals:

  • Academic success & intellectual engagement  
  • Career readiness 
  • Affordability 
  • Wellness & belonging 

Academic Success & Intellectual Engagement:

Students at the CORD

Ensure students are aware of practices that lead to academic success, understand the opportunity to experience the full array of intellectual engagement afforded through a college education. Students will know where to find resources to help them design a personal plan for success that marries personal, professional and intellectual goals.

Nationally Competitive Awards

  • Truman Scholars – Top 10 Public Institutions (1st in the SEC)
  • Goldwater Scholars – Top 25 Public Institutions
  • Rhodes Scholars – Top 100 Public Institutions
  • 162 National Science Foundation – NSF Graduate Research Fellows

Career Readiness:

Create opportunities for every student to define and attain their individual career or post-graduate pathway.

87% of recently graduated student respondents (Fall 2022 through Spring 2023) reported they are working full-time or have been accepted to a program to continue their education.

Students at the CORD


Make education more affordable, particularly for Arkansans with financial need, thereby demonstrating that the University adds value to the entire state by offering an accessible education that yields a significant, lifelong and generational return on investment.

Nearly $106 Million in Scholarship Awards

In FY23, nearly $106 million in need-based and other support was awarded to undergraduate students.

Scholarship Funding for Arkansas Students has grown by $7 MILLION since 2019

98% of Freshmen Students from Arkansas who applied for scholarships last year received an award

Arkansas Transfer Achievement Scholarship saves $2.5 Million

UA System 2-year college grads transfer, pay same tuition rate at U of A.

Wellbeing & Belonging:

Ensure students feel a sense of belonging in the campus community and form lasting ties with the University. Ensure students have access to, are aware of, and utilize university programs that promote their mental, physical and financial wellness as well as their civic engagement.

68% of undergraduates who completed the 2023 Student Engagement Survey reported that the U of A community helps provide a sense of belonging.

Students at the CORD

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