150 Forward Update from Chancellor Robinson

June 13, 2023

 I’m writing today to share a progress report on our 150 Forward strategic planning process and some exciting opportunities that have emerged from it. Through a series of town halls, we have validated our strategic pillars of student success, employer of choice and research excellence. Each pillar now has emergent goals and performance metrics. When we return to campus in the fall our colleges, schools and units will be able to develop strategies and tactics that align with the University’s goals while reflecting each unit’s unique strengths and opportunities. As we go through this process, we will be realigning resources to position the University of Arkansas to better meet its mission.

Our first realignment will focus on supporting the student success and employer of choice pillars. Beginning this fall, existing resources and personnel currently assigned to the Division of DEI will be incorporated in Student Success, Student Affairs, Human Resources, the Office of Equal Opportunity and Compliance and University Advancement so that these areas can expand programs around access, opportunity and developing a culture of belonging for all students and employees. Additionally, the Office of Equal Opportunity & Compliance will be formally aligned with Human Resources while also maintaining a direct reporting line to my office.

The strategic planning process has affirmed that supporting equal opportunity, access and belonging are critical to our land-grant mission and university values. It is my belief based on my experience as having served as Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Provost – and now as Chancellor – that we can accomplish better outcomes by reallocating resources into these essential areas. We must strengthen our ability to achieve measurable results that enhance opportunity for all Arkansans.  

I am excited to implement this new approach and in the coming weeks will share more about the specifics of this restructuring, including where to find information and key contacts. 

Thank you,

Charles Robinson

Charles F. Robinson, Ph.D.