Election Civility

Dear U of A Community:

A quick word about the upcoming elections. First, voting is a privilege and a right, and I hope you will vote by November 3 if you haven’t already. The surest way to change what you don’t like, and protect what you do, is to vote. It’s essential to the maintenance of a healthy democracy. It's no secret that this election has been louder and more divisive than in recent years. Those of us who were alive in the late ‘60s know this happens from time to time.

The important thing is that we respect each other’s right to vote and to free speech. No one should feel intimidated while participating in their civic responsibility. We are a diverse community with diverse beliefs and opinions and that’s what makes this process so special and important. It’s imperative that we remain peaceful and respectful of those voicing opinions different than our own. Like our Core Values at the U of A reinforce: “We support an open exchange of ideas and respect the unique perspectives and contributions that each of us provides.”

We are all in this together, and no matter what, on Nov. 4 and beyond, the institutional values of the University of Arkansas will not falter.


Joe Steinmetz, Ph.D. 


P.S. The CAPS team at the Pat Walker Health Center has developed a Self-Care Guide (PDF) for students coping with political stress