Chancellor's Update 3-9-21

Vaccine Appointments Available at Pat Walker

Dear U of A…

I’m pleased to inform you that you can now make appointments at the Pat Walker Health Center to receive your COVID-19 vaccination. In addition to all U of A employees, students included as essential workers under phases 1-A and 1-B of the state’s vaccination plan are now eligible for vaccination. While many of you have already received your vaccination, some of you may have been waiting to let others go first or have not yet been contacted to receive your vaccination. You are now encouraged to make your own appointment. Check out our newswire story for additional information about which groups are eligible, what to bring and other important details.

Alternatively, you may still be working from home and your local pharmacy may be a better location for you. Vaccination opportunities are increasing across the region and I encourage you to explore them now. Whatever you choose to do, all Phase 1-B categories are now eligible for vaccinations, so please make an appointment at your earliest convenience.


Joe Steinmetz, Ph.D.